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Free Zumba w/ Cristiane Machado


DREAMS!!! Co-Creations!!! Womanifestation!!! All comes to pass!!!

For Years I have dreamed of a Regular ZUMBA® Class at The Bo Didley Plaza...YES, I did have few events there shared with some pratty Amazing and Talented ZINS™, still, was not a Regular class...Then, I moved away from ma Ville andthought perhaps it was it. Until...

YES, it is a FREE class, and YES, It is OPEN to the whole Community, KIDS included... Ahhhhhh, brought me back to our "march" to the City Comission meeting to keep our TBC classes... How much I LOVE YOU Gainesville!!!

So, YES, 5:00 pm, I am BACK at EVERY First Saturday of every month, Starting in March, I be there SHAKING my Peacock Feathers, SINGING and HOLLORING with YOU!!!